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As a client, you receive the benefit of over a decade’s knowledge and experience of what to avoid and what works well with property loans and property investment. 

Depending on your situation and goals, we can assist you to pay much less interest on your loans, potentially less tax, create more cashflow for the household budget, hold property that will appreciate faster than the average and importantly create the peace of mind about the path of your financial situation. In short, we can help make your life better! 

Recent Thankyou Messages

"Thanks so much Julie for all your assistance and to Amanda and Ian. We are so grateful to you all for your hard work. You have made every transition for us over the past 10 years so easy and seamless. We are so thankful to have had your support. It has been exceptional."

- David W, Holland Park

"Thanks for all of your help over the last few weeks Amanda! You've really helped the whole (potentially very complicated) process go very smoothly and your quick response at coming back to us with queries has been great!"

- Andy C, Chapel Hill

"Words cannot express my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for all you have done. Your kindness, understanding and patience is beyond description. Your attention to detail and knowledge of the industry is awe inspiring. Thank you so very much for everything. I really, really, really, really mean it."

-Diane G, Carina Heights

"Thanks to you and your team for getting this happening for us. We appreciate your tenacity and guidance through this fairly stressful time….We are really happy and relieved that now we can get excited."

- Jo M, Cordeaux Heights

"I would like to thank all of you who supported me during a very complex and difficult time of my life. Your assistance, professionalism and deduction to complete the task has been outstanding. I would be pleased to work with you again and recommend “Complete Finance & Property” to my friends."

- Slavenka D, Tarragindi